3 Key Stories Your Resume Should Tell When You Are Job Searching

Let’s face it, building your resume is not an easy task. It’s a document that is used to present information about your education, professional experience, skills, and achievements. It serves as a powerful tool to showcase relevant qualifications to an employer when you’re applying for a job – a “first impression” if you will. It’s your personal marketing tool to demonstrate your abilities and help set you apart from competing candidates and secure the job of your dreams. 

While it’s important to include relevant information about yourself that qualifies you for the specific job you are applying for, it’s just as important to weave compelling stories into your resume that could capture the attention of your potential employer and set you apart from the competition. Below are three key stories to intertwine as you strategically build out your resume:

You Are the Best Fit

When an employer looks at your resume, it should be the first indication that you would be the best fit for the job opening they’re looking to fulfill, for many reasons. Your personal characteristics could serve as the crucial cultural link that elevates you from being an interviewee to becoming an integral team member. Employers look for candidates who are able to identify challenges, come up with creative solutions, and drive success. Because of this, your resume should demonstrate personal problem-solving qualities and highlight specific ways in which you helped to resolve complex problems. Not only does this illustrate your problem-solving skills, but also opens doors to showcase projects you have worked on. 

In order to convey the story that “you are the best candidate,” conducting company research is crucial. If you’re working with a recruiter, they can provide helpful insights on what a specific company’s employer might be looking for. 

Your Success and Growth Journey 

One of the best stories you can tell through your resume is the unique experiences that helped you evolve into the person you are today and how that could benefit a specific organization.  Employers look for ways in which a candidate has adapted and thrived in different environments. This might be ways in which you acquired new skills, took on new challenges, or successfully pivoted in your career journey. The key here is to emphasize your adaptability qualities, willingness to learn, and capacity to help an organization grow. 

Your Leadership Qualities 

Whether you’re applying to be an account manager, a nurse, or a chef, the one key skill every company is looking for across all industries is leadership. Employing effective leadership and the ability to collaborate with a team is highly valued. Your resume should always demonstrate any situations in which you took charge, led a team, or successfully worked with others to achieve a common goal. The good news is that you don’t need a managerial role in your background in order to show leadership experience. Discuss any projects, tasks, or teams that you have led in your career. Emphasizing effective communication skills and the ability to resolve conflict is highly desirable by employers in the workforce. 

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Some might tell you that your resume is an overview of your education and professional experience at a quick glance, on paper, but in reality, it’s much more than that. Developing a compelling resume entails the ability to demonstrate your strong personal capabilities, professional growth and adaptability, and leadership skills. This will propel you in the job search and help you make a strong impression on an organization. Contact Legacy Search Advisors today to optimize your personal, storytelling efforts that just might land you your dream job.