6 Tips to Consider When Working with a Recruiting Advisor for Your Next Job

Job hunting is stressful, without a doubt! Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current position and seeking change, you were recently let go, or you’ve just moved to a new city, finding the right job does not come as easy as it sounds. Working with a skilled recruiter can make all the difference, especially if you feel stuck in your current career stance. 


What is a Job Recruiter? 


Recruiting and staffing companies do the leg work for you by pulling from a large source of open job positions and matching you with ones that correspond with your experience, education, background, and expectations within a company. Not only that, but they often have other inside knowledge and pre-existing relationships with companies you may have interest in. This can open doors to a company that you may not have reached otherwise, provide personal, effective feedback, and coach you through the overall process. 


The key to optimizing the job search process through a recruiter is to develop and maintain a strong relationship. Below are six key tips to creating this relationship and getting the most out of the partnership. 


1. Know your goals


All too often, candidates feel pressure to apply for a job position they are not entirely interested in, which in turn leads to a poor interview experience and a negative impact on the relationship with their recruiter. To prevent this, consider clearly defining your career goals:


  • What type of culture are you looking for in a company?
  • What is your dream position?
  • What location(s) are you looking for?


2. Consider a recruiter who specializes in your field


Not all recruiters specialize in all different industries or are trained equally. Most specialize in specific job areas and hold significant relationships with companies that can help you get ahead in the job search. Finding a recruiter to help in your specific industry is key, given that they understand your field and the types of positions you desire. Additionally, it is more likely you will have the best relationships with recruiters specializing in your field. 


3. Be honest


Being honest about the jobs you want and those you don’t want is crucial when working with a recruiting advisor. If you want to work full-time, don’t tell them you are open to a part-time position. If you are unwilling to work weekends and/or holidays, be transparent about it. Additionally, know your salary needs and expectations and communicate them to your recruiter. Being honest about these key aspects are important to ensure that you’re not matched to the wrong positions. 


Sharing details that may be areas of concern on your resume or work history are also important to express. For example, if there are any large gaps in your job history or you bounced from one position to the next in a short period of time, you’ll want to let your recruiter know. These details will help them represent your potential to employers because they understand your background and situation(s). 


4. Communicate


Communication is everything. Maintaining consistent communication with your hiring recruiter will ensure that the job search process is as effective as possible. From the beginning, ask them what their preferred way of contact is (such as phone calls, text, emails, etc.) and respond to them as quickly as possible. It’s a two way street, so check in regularly about any potential job positions available. 


Tap into your recruiter’s job expertise, since they have the experience, knowledge, and relationships with clients that can provide you with inside knowledge on how to best navigate the job search process. 


5. Request feedback


Along with maintaining strong communication with your recruiting advisor, asking for effective feedback throughout the process can provide you with an honest assessment of your skills and strengths as a job candidate. These recruiters deal with job hunting each and everyday, so taking advantage of their expertise also means being open to receiving constructive criticism.  


6. Stay in touch, even after finding a new position


Congratulations, you landed your dream job, thanks to your reliable hiring recruiter! However, this doesn’t mean the relationship you developed with your recruiter has to end here. If you found the right one, they can be a lifelong career resource. This is also a great opportunity to refer other candidates in your network in need of support to find a new career position. Express your gratitude and share referrals to leave a final, positive impression with your recruiting advisor. 


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