A Guide to Your Virtual Interview – Tips & Tricks

In today’s job market, virtual interviews are taking center stage, becoming a make-or-break moment for job seekers. More companies are embracing remote work, and the ability to shine in a virtual interview is increasingly vital. With its growing popularity, both opportunities and challenges arise. Below, Legacy Search Advisors lays out the tips and tricks needed to ace your virtual interview.

Digital Landscape

Forget stuffy conference rooms – your home transforms into the interview arena! Before the cameras roll, craft a winning first impression with your backdrop and lighting. Ditch the distracting laundry mountain, opting for a clean, uncluttered wall or bookshelf. Natural light is your friend, so position yourself near a window. Fluorescent lighting casts harsh shadows, so invest in a ring light or a desk lamp with warm-toned bulbs. A simple, professional background and warm lighting set the stage for you to confidently shine, not your surroundings. 

Test Your Technology

Panic over choppy video or robotic audio can derail even the most confident interviewee. Before the big day, conduct a thorough rehearsal. First, test your internet connection. A laggy connection is a recipe for disaster, so consider upgrading or finding the best internet connection in your home. Check your video and audio setup by firing up your chosen platform and see how your camera shows you. Ensure your microphone captures your voice without garbled whispers or booming echoes. Practice muting yourself and sharing your screen to avoid fumbling during the interview. Download any necessary updates and familiarize yourself with the platform’s controls. Remember, a smooth tech performance allows your skills and personality to shine, unmarred by digital hiccups


Virtual interview attire demands just as much as an in-person interview.  Swap the sweatpants and pajamas and find either a crisp blouse, a polished jacket, or a smart sweater to elevate your presence and showcase your commitment. Remember, the camera captures first impressions, so ditch the casual attire and opt for confidence-boosting pieces.

The presentation goes beyond clothing, so channel your inner power pose with good posture. Sit up straight, shoulders back, and avoid slouching or fidgeting. Make eye contact with the camera, not just to appear engaged, but to build a genuine connection with your interviewer. A natural smile and a subtle nod go a long way in demonstrating enthusiasm and attentiveness.

Follow-Up Email 

The virtual interview isn’t done until a thank-you email is extended. Within 24 hours of your digital encounter, send a message that reaffirms your interest and seals the deal. Briefly express your gratitude for the interviewer’s time and the opportunity to learn more about the position. Then, subtly remind them of your stellar qualifications by highlighting key skills and experiences mentioned during the interview. Think of it as a mini-résumé refresh, leaving a lasting impression of your suitability for the role.

End the email on a warm, positive note, reiterating your enthusiasm and interest in moving forward. A well-crafted thank you isn’t just courtesy, it’s a strategic move that showcases your professionalism and proactive spirit. So, put your pen (or keyboard) to the page, and let your gratitude and ambition shine through!

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