Top Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Interview

Your first interview can be a make-or-break moment for your career path, but are you truly prepared to avoid the common mistakes made in the interview process? Interviews provide a time to ask questions while showing that you are a good fit for this position. Legacy Search Advisors is here to ensure that you are ready to ace your first interview. Below, we unveil some of the mistakes to steer clear of during your first interview. 

Arriving Late To An Interview 

A first impression lasts a lifetime, so punctuality is crucial. Arriving late to a job interview shows that you do not prioritize the company or that you do not respect the interviewer’s time. In turn, this shows how you would act as a potential employee. If unexpected delays do occur, it is important to remain calm and let them know that you’re running late. 

Arriving 15 minutes early is the golden rule. It gives a buffer for traffic time, unexpected delays, or finding the location if you are unfamiliar with the area. Consider plotting your trip in advance the night before on a navigation app to ensure your early arrival. Most apps allow you to set arrival times so you can gauge exactly when you need to leave to arrive a few minutes early. Arriving early shows that you are reliable and respectful of both the interviewer’s time and the company’s operations. You can also mention that punctuality is a reflection of your organizational skills during the interview.

Unprofessional Interview Attire 

Along with arriving professionally early, you should also dress professionally. Even though we are increasingly wearing more casual clothing in day-to-day life, dressing too casually to an interview can leave a negative impression. Similarly, maintaining good hygiene and well-kept grooming further your professionalism. 

Professional attire can vary in style. Research the company culture and dress accordingly to show that you would be a great candidate for the position. A company that uses business professional attire will likely value dressing modestly so consider including a blazer or jacket to your interview day outfit. Companies whose employees primarily wear business casual attire may not require you to wear a blazer, however, dressing a little more professional than you might be expected to on a day-to-day basis could be to your advantage. Remember the adage: Dress for the job that you want, not the one that you necessarily have. 

Lack Of  Interview Preparation 

Now, you’ve picked out a professional outfit, you must also prepare mentally. Failing to research the company, its services or products, and the role you are applying for may make you appear disinterested.

Research the company and the position that you are applying for in advance so that you can show that you are both interested in the company and prepared. Check out the company’s website and study the job description of the role. Don’t forget to prepare interview questions for the inevitable final interview question. . While you are researching, you can determine whether this position aligns with your skills and experience.  

The Interview Process

During the interview, it is vital to maintain proper body language. A firm handshake to begin the interview with strong eye contact shows your respect. 

Highlight your work experience and skill set. Explain to the interviewer why you would be an ideal candidate while remaining enthusiastic. Discussing salary expectations or job offers can be tricky; it is often better to let the hiring manager initiate it. While it is best practice for companies to disclose their salary range, not everyone does. If companies ask about your salary expectations, it is best to answer that your range is “Negotiable, but that you’d like to hear of the scope of the role before determining the range.” 

Follow-Up Etiquette After An Interview

After the interview, it is important to send a follow-up email or thank you note to whoever interviewed you to thank them for the opportunity and their time in a personalized manner within 24 hours.  This note should reiterate your interest in the position and bring your name to top of mind. Failing to follow up within 24 hours may make you seem disinterested so this is a step you do not want to forget.

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